Venetian Plaster

The term covers a whole range of decorative plaster finishes - from the very highly polished Venetian plaster and Marmorino to the rugged look of textured polished plasters.

Venetian Plaster History

Venetian stuccowork origins date back to more than five thousands years ago. It seems that architectural plasters were born in the eastern areas of Iran and thereon spreaded trough Mesopotamia.

Excavations on Malta island in the Tarxien complex brought to the light remains of plasters and decorations coming from a period dated from 3000 to 2500 B.C.

In 2000 B.C. witnesses of the use of plaster instead of the common baked clay and, as lime paste, instead of bitumen to attach the bricks to the vaults, could be found in the Elamitic people (populations coming from southern Iran, at the boundary with Mesopotamia, who outclassed since III millennium, influencing sumerian civilization, widely spreaded overall Mesopotamia, originating common Gods and writings).

Usage of stuccowork come from East to West and then probably again from West to East, after receiving influence from population at that time governing over known geographical areas.

Products Used

Jan's Creative Finishes uses only the finest Italy Plaster from Verona, Italy. This high-quality plaster provides the look, feel and texture that is Venetian Plaster

The following Venetian Plasters are available:

  • fresconovo
  • mantovano
  • calcenova
  • romano
  • prontomuro S
  • traverino
  • venziano

There are many more Plaster's available. Please see the Gallery Sections for more information and samples of each.

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